Chaplain’s Article for Fall 2021 Sun & Balance

As I’m approaching my fourth month at Rensselaer, I’m honestly overwhelmed by the warm, generous welcome I’ve received. I’ve settled into the chaplain’s residence; the leadership at the Rensselaer Newman Foundation has made sure that house– after being mostly unoccupied for two years– is refreshed and comfortable. Moving is never easy, but this relocation has been smooth, even in the midst of the pandemic.In my previous … Continue reading Chaplain’s Article for Fall 2021 Sun & Balance

Rensselaer Convocation Benediction

[Because of a minor mix-up in the program, I didn’t get to actually pray this prayer at the convocation. Nevertheless, here’s my prayer for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute tonight. – LAR] God, all merciful and most generous, At the beginning of this academic year we come together as a diverse and curious people, aware of our differences but united by the challenges we face together. We … Continue reading Rensselaer Convocation Benediction


“Expect the unexpected.”  “Ready for anything.” These sorts of phrases offer advice that seems nearly impossible to follow in times like these.  As we’ve been scrambling to prepare for the return or Rensselaer’s students in 10 days (TEN DAYS!!!), I’ve found it very challenging to formulate actual plans.  Public health advisories seem to be constantly evolving.  Our various constituencies and stakeholders don’t seem to be … Continue reading Resilience

I’m going to RPI!

I’m very happy to announce that starting June 1, 2021, I’ll be the new chaplain at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY. When I left Austin in December 2020, it was with the expectation that I’d be assigned as chaplain at Columbia University in New York City. For multiple reasons– largely financial– the archdiocese of New York wasn’t able to accommodate that assignment. Although that … Continue reading I’m going to RPI!

Lots of call-outs in Star Trek: Lower Decks

I’m really starting to enjoy Star Trek: Lower Decks. This week’s episode, “Veritas” was particularly fun. Because I have too much time on my hands, I decided to count the obscure references to previous Star Trek Episodes. This isn’t just fan service, this is a whole fan buffet: Alien courtroom: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Roga Danar: TNG The Hunted Khan: TOS Space Seed … Continue reading Lots of call-outs in Star Trek: Lower Decks

Chocolate Mousse Pie

Here’s the recipe! Ingredients: 1.5 Cups Chocolate Chips/Pieces (*real* chocolate only!) 1 pint Heavy Cream 15 Double-Stuf Oreos Procedure: Preheat oven to 350º Melt chocolate in microwave, using 20-second bursts, stirring between bursts. Don’t let it burn! Cool to almost room temperature. Pulse Oreos in a food processor to fine crumbs. You can also put them in a plastic bag and crush them with a … Continue reading Chocolate Mousse Pie