Homily 12th Sunday. June 23, 2013

Homily 12th Sunday C – 96 Because I lived in Washington, DC for 15 years, I would often go to those mass demonstrations on the national mall.  Pro-life marches annually from 1990 – 2001, marches for housing and employment in 1996, the Million Man March in 1995, even the Promise Keepers in 1997.  I was

It’s a Miracle! Homily for June 9th, 2013

Homily 10th Sunday C – Miracles!   Our readings today are about healing, but not just the regular, run-of-the-mill, standard-course-of-antibiotics healing.  We’re talking about miracles.  Dead-one-minute, walking-around-the next miracles. Even the epistle is about miracles, as St. Paul explains that his deep understanding of the faith came directly from God by a miraculous revelation. It’s

Christmas Homily 2011

I have to say, just between you and me, that I sometimes have a problem with the people that get all up in arms about the secularization and commercialization of Christmas. You know the ones I’m talking about: the folks who get all worked up over “Xmas”, despite the fact that it’s been used for

Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul

Every year on January 25th, the Church commemorates the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. This is a particularly important day for us Paulists, and we generally treat it as our primary feast day of the year. We see ourselves as successors of St. Paul, bringing the Gospel to those outside the Church, and

Homily for November 21, 2010: Christ the King

If, like me, you attended a Catholic elementary school in the 1960’s (or earlier), your memories of the feast of Christ the King probably include lots of marching.  We’d line up– boys on one side, girls on the other, and led by our battalion commander, Sister Mary Alma, we would march from the school yard