I’m moving! Better update the web site!

Ugh! I hate moving. Still, when one has joined a missionary community like the Paulists, it’s gonna happen. Somehow it gets harder as I get older.

To help people keep in touch as I’m in transition, I’ll be relying more on my own web site and less on social media to keep people up to date. As time goes on, I find Facebook and Instagram less and less useful, and more problematic. I’m on Threads, and I like that platform, but not a lot of people are there. Twitter/X? Pffft! No thank you.

So, please be patient as I’m working on updating this site. There’s a lot to do in the next month, and I’ll do my best to keep posting here, with regular links to the social media sites I’m still on.

Prayers, please, for all of us in transition….