Chaplain’s Article for Fall 2021 Sun & Balance

As I’m approaching my fourth month at Rensselaer, I’m honestly overwhelmed by the warm, generous welcome I’ve received. I’ve settled into the chaplain’s residence; the leadership at the Rensselaer Newman Foundation has made sure that house– after being mostly unoccupied for two years– is refreshed and comfortable. Moving is never easy, but this relocation has been smooth, even in the midst of the pandemic.In my previous … Continue reading Chaplain’s Article for Fall 2021 Sun & Balance

Rensselaer Convocation Benediction

[Because of a minor mix-up in the program, I didn’t get to actually pray this prayer at the convocation. Nevertheless, here’s my prayer for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute tonight. – LAR] God, all merciful and most generous, At the beginning of this academic year we come together as a diverse and curious people, aware of our differences but united by the challenges we face together. We … Continue reading Rensselaer Convocation Benediction

Thoughts on Live-streamed Mass

Yesterday, Sunday, the University Catholic Center live-streamed our first Sunday Mass. We’ve cobbled together a simple way of streaming to Facebook, basically using just an iPhone. Over the next few days we’ll be looking at ways to improve the quality of the audio and video. What we’re doing now is basic and workable. While Fr. Jimmy was preaching and presiding, I was monitoring the camera … Continue reading Thoughts on Live-streamed Mass