Road Trip!!

Not my vehicle.

Whelp, today I embark on my Summer Epic Road Trip. After more than four months of pandemic isolation in Austin and a month of my sabbatical gone, it’s time for a change of scenery. Through all this time I’ve been good about pandemic protocols; staying masked when out of the house, staying distanced from people as much a possible. Last Tuesday I had my first COVID19 test (results: negative). I may be re-tested as I travel if that seems appropriate.

My plan is to head north and east. Stops will include:

  • Mount Pleasant TX
  • Memphis TN
  • Knoxville TN
  • Richmond VA
  • Mahopac NY
  • Lake Bomoseen VT
  • Niskayuna NY
  • Syracuse NY
  • Rochester NY
  • Columbus OH
  • St. Louis MO
  • Kansas City MO
  • Oklahoma City OK
  • Dallas TX
  • home to Austin TX

I’ll be back around September 22, although plans may change as circumstances dictate. I’ll be posting regular updates to Facebook and here on my own site. I may do some FB live broadcasts, too. Feel free to keep in touch as I’m traveling. Since I’ll be mostly driving alone, an occasional hands-free phone conversation would be most welcome!