Observing Seasons

I have been observing the large red maple in my front yard shedding its leaves. Around the campus neighborhood, there are yellow tints to many of the trees, and as the temperatures drop, it’s clear that autumn is here. After five years in Austin, Texas, where there’s really no winter to speak of, it’s refreshing to return to a place with actual seasons.  In central … Continue reading Observing Seasons

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“Expect the unexpected.”  “Ready for anything.” These sorts of phrases offer advice that seems nearly impossible to follow in times like these.  As we’ve been scrambling to prepare for the return or Rensselaer’s students in 10 days (TEN DAYS!!!), I’ve found it very challenging to formulate actual plans.  Public health advisories seem to be constantly evolving.  Our various constituencies and stakeholders don’t seem to be … Continue reading Resilience

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Chocolate Mousse Pie

Here’s the recipe! Ingredients: 1.5 Cups Chocolate Chips/Pieces (*real* chocolate only!) 1 pint Heavy Cream 15 Double-Stuf Oreos Procedure: Preheat oven to 350º Melt chocolate in microwave, using 20-second bursts, stirring between bursts. Don’t let it burn! Cool to almost room temperature. Pulse Oreos in a food processor to fine crumbs. You can also put them in a plastic bag and crush them with a … Continue reading Chocolate Mousse Pie

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Road Trip!!

Whelp, today I embark on my Summer Epic Road Trip. After more than four months of pandemic isolation in Austin and a month of my sabbatical gone, it’s time for a change of scenery. Through all this time I’ve been good about pandemic protocols; staying masked when out of the house, staying distanced from people as much a possible. Last Tuesday I had my first … Continue reading Road Trip!!

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Pentecost: The Holy Spirit, and the Path Forward

Because it’s Pentecost, there’s a great temptation to preach about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. That’s how we know the Spirit is present, isn’t it? Because those gifts are manifested? If I asked you to list the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, could you do it? If you’re part of the Church’s more theological tradition, you’d probably list those gifts: Wisdom, Fortitude, Piety, Fear … Continue reading Pentecost: The Holy Spirit, and the Path Forward

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This Lent, in many Catholic parishes, you may see people preparing for baptism and initiation into the Church.  These people, called Catechumens, are on a journey of spiritual growth.  The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the formal process that guides that journey, and during Lent, there are particular markers along that road. On some of the Sundays of Lent, the catechumens are presented … Continue reading Catachumens

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Magic to do!

So last night I went to see the revival of Pippin at the. Music Box theater. A reworking of the 1970s classic, this version is directed by Diane Paulus (Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess). I’ve always been a huge fan of Pippin, coming as it did at a time in my life when the character Pippin’s search for an “extraordinary” life appealed very strongly to my … Continue reading Magic to do!

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Barred Owl

Our property on Lake George is teeming with wildlife. I’ve had several encounters with deer, a coyote, bats, and thousands of chipmunks. This Barred Owl is the coolest fauna yet. He he nests near our chapel, and just after dusk comes out to hunt. That should help the chipmunk problem! Continue reading Barred Owl

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+Clifton C. Rice, Two Years Ago Today.

It’s hard to believe that my dad passed into eternal life two years ago today. The memory of his final week is such a stark, vivid recollection, and the intervening two years have gone by so quickly, with so many changes! They say that you never really finish grieving the loss of a parent (or a child or spouse, for that matter). Mostly, I’m fine. … Continue reading +Clifton C. Rice, Two Years Ago Today.

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Wheels off the Wagon

Wheels off the Wagon Originally uploaded by lrice I spent a little time this afternoon with my friend John Remy. We occasionally wander off into the rural Ohio countryside looking for ruined barns, farm equipments, or bits of rural decay to shoot. This was my best shot of the day, taken kinda off-handedly where we parked to car, on the way to shoot something up … Continue reading Wheels off the Wagon

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