Thoughts on Live-streamed Mass

Yesterday, Sunday, the University Catholic Center live-streamed our first Sunday Mass. We’ve cobbled together a simple way of streaming to Facebook, basically using just an iPhone. Over the next few days we’ll be looking at ways to improve the quality of the audio and video. What we’re doing now is basic and workable. While Fr. Jimmy was preaching and presiding, I was monitoring the camera … Continue reading Thoughts on Live-streamed Mass

Spiritual Communion From My Side of the Altar

Before this week, I can remember only one time I presided at a Mass with no congregation. I was on retreat at a very nice resort in California (long story), and there were Mass intentions assigned for the days I was there. On day one, no one else showed up. What to do? They were clearly expecting a Mass for the people listed in the … Continue reading Spiritual Communion From My Side of the Altar

This is What Ministry Looks Like Today

This was a busy day of ministry at the University Catholic Center, and I never saw anyone (apart from our skeleton-crew staff) all day. With the coming of the corona virus pandemic, we’re basically shut down. But not really. The bishop has asked us to keep the building open for prayer, but no more than 10 people can be in our (600 seat) chapel at … Continue reading This is What Ministry Looks Like Today