The Chicago Checklist, Extra Meat Edition

Chicago is a great town for eating. Well, in which to eat, not to eat the town per se. You know what I mean. There are a few things that are on most people’s Chicago Food Checklist:

  1. Steak
  2. Garrett’s popcorn
  3. Deep-dish Pizza

Garret’s Popcorn was easy– they have a store a block from my hotel. When I stopped by on Sunday, there was a line out the door. It had to have been 50 people. Their Caramel Crisp popcorn is that magical combination of sweet-salty-crispy-cruchy-gooey that somehow punches all the pleasure centers of my brain. This is how addictions start.

Box number two got checked last night, as our Direct Mail service provider took us to David Burke’s Primehouse Steak House. Their free-range, organic grass-fed, 55-day dry aged (with Himalayan pink salt), bone-in ribeye was without a doubt the best piece of beef I have ever eaten. And the french fries with white truffle and asiago cheese were pretty tasty too. It was a remarkable meal.

Check box number three fell at lunch today. Adam, Isabella and I went to Lou Maglinoti’s Chicago Pizza. I’m sure you’re curious how I could order a deep-dish pizza and still stick to my gluten-free diet. Maglinoti’s solution is to make the pizza crust with sausage! That’s right, sausage, filled with tomato sauce, tomatoes, molten mozzarella, and (at my request) green peppers. It’s sort of a “meatza.” While it was significantly heavier than a standard pizza crust, it worked, and was delicious. I’ll definitely need something light for dinner tonight. Maybe another bag of Garrett’s Caramel Crisp Popcorn with pecans.

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